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I may have made all this up

thank you kindly.

high on CKR
Hey, my name's Tina and I'm a freelance editor. This journal is mostly about Callum Keith Rennie (news, fanart), because he's just that awesome. Feel free to PM/e-mail me for a little CKR chat. Also, new friends are always a wonderful thing. If you are a fellow CKR lover I'll friend you back right away. See you around!

Fanart resources credits to creamuts, endlessdeep, infinite_muse, meleada, proverbsun, zehava_1010, dreamsofkate, cellardooricons, and the following artists at deviantart: illyria, spiritcoda, firesign24-7, insan stock, pinkmonkeylove, blackyaisa, highaltitudes, carllton, baira, serenestock. Header photo by Dennys Ilic.

Anything of my art is shareable, but please do comment and credit if you take! I also take c6d-themed fanart requests.

As of May 2011 my LJ is friends only until further notice. Art crossposts will be linking to my Dreamwidth. Please friend me there if possible. I also have plenty of Dreamwidth invite codes to share, just ask me.

A friend of mine and I created a new Callum fansite - http://callumkeithrennie.fanfusion.org/ - have a look! :)